Growing in a big family, sometimes it was difficult for everyone to get special treatment. However, one day of the year my brother, sisters and I got to get something very special; a birthday cake. Mom would ask each of us on our birthday what flavor cake we wanted and she would go to the store and get everything she needed and would spend the morning baking a cake and decorating special for us.

what are the most popular birthday cake flavors ?

These days, moms generally don’t have the time or energy left in their busy day to bake and decorate a cake. Fortunately, the local grocery can help them with it and all they have to do is stop into the bakery department. The workers in the bakery department will take the order and usually within a day or two the birthday cake is already to be picked up and brought home for the birthday boy or girl.

What flavor of cake and icing to choose?

Whether you are a fan of chocolate, white cake or one of the many flavors in between, you are likely to find that your grocery store bakery can accommodate you. They are also masters of decorating, they can turn a plain, chocolate sheet cake and when they are finished it will be a work of art.

When you walk into the bakery department to buy a custom cake, you will be asked several questions including; what occasion the cake is for, if it is for a birthday they might ask if it is a boy or girl. They will show you a book of direction ideas and also they will ask you to decide on what flavor of cake and what type of icing you are wanting. The last part will be regarding any custom writing you are wanting to be put on top.

With so many decisions to be made, we have decided to help out by including a list of the Top 10 Cake Flavors, in order to help give you some ideas for your next cake.

Top 10 Birthday Cake Flavors



Chocolate chip

Yellow or Vanilla

Red velvet