The milkshake is a staple of American fast food. Sweet, thick and creamy, it’s the perfect addition to most meals, including burgers, fries, hot dogs and pretty much anything else! You really cannot go wrong with a tasty milkshake to wash down your favorite fast food.

That raises a very good question though – who makes the best fast food milkshakes?

There are plenty to choose from, as shakes have become part and parcel of most eateries. You can find countless flavors and methods of making the shake, not to mention all types of toppings and mix-ins.

Here’s our favorite fast food shakes!




Referring to yourself as America’s drive-in is a bold claim, but Sonic has definitely earned that on their milkshakes alone!

Sonic’s shake selection is perhaps one of the best out there. They have countless variations of shakes, from their thick and creamy classics to their mouth-watering master shakes.

You can find quintessential flavors in their classic range including strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, banana, not to mention more exotic offerings like pineapple or peanut butter.

Master shakes feature premium ingredients for a truly decadent shake that is just a delight to drink. Some of the creative flavors like coconut cream pie or strawberry cheesecake will be hard to find anywhere else and are a must-try for milkshake lovers.

 Chick fil A

While best known for their delicious fried chicken, Chick fil A has some seriously overlooked milkshakes on their menu! Very much a classic American shake, Chick-fil-A’s shake selection only has four flavors to choose from – but that’s all you need.

Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry are essential flavors, but they really knock it out the park with their fantastic cookies and cream shake.

Made with their heavenly soft serve ice cream or Icedream, these shakes are rich and creamy, and topped with a generous whipped cream. You can’t forget the all-important cherry on top either!

Dairy Queen

Considering they pretty much invented popular soft serve, it’s no surprise that Dairy Queen makes a mean milkshake. Featuring that trademark soft serve ice cream, Dairy Queen has some incredible shake flavors available.

The have classics you would expect, but flavors like cherry really hit that sweet spot. These shakes are some of the creamiest you are likely to taste, which is just one of the many reasons we love them so much!


The iconic Frosty dessert from Wendy’s is one of the most indulgent shakes out there. In fact, it could be argued it’s more of an ice cream dessert than an actual shake, but it does come in a glass with a straw so that must make it count!

Granted they only come in two flavors, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t utterly fantastic! You can’t go wrong with a classic vanilla or chocolate shake, which is exactly what Wendy’s has perfected.