The cakes available at Whole Foods bakery are nothing short of delicious. Using fresh and organic ingredients, Whole Foods cakes taste a level above many other bakeries, and they also make a fine option for anyone with food allergies or special dietary needs – where else can you get a vegan-friendly birthday cake?

Even with the use of quality ingredients and creating cakes that can be consumed by those with strict dietary needs, Whole Foods bakery cakes are still very reasonably priced. Granted many cakes can cost a fair amount, but these tend to be large in size, so they can serve dozens of people, making the prices that bit more understandable.

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Round cakes from Whole Foods bakery are amongst the cheapest, with prices starting as low as $10. Most round cakes cost between $15-$40 for 4, 6, and 9 inch sizes, while 12 inch round cakes cost more, usually around $80 – although they offer up to 60 servings!

Whole Foods square cakes are similarly priced. Smaller sizes such as 1/8 and 1/4 sheets range from $15-$30, while 1/2 and full sheets can cost around $35-$85. Again, larger cakes can serve between 30 and 70 people, hence the price.

Fillings are available in most cakes regardless of size, although there will be an additional charge for these, ranging from $5 to $20 depending on the size of the cake.

Why Whole Foods Cakes?

As with most products available at Whole Foods, the taste is truly wonderful. All of the cakes are made fresh in the bakery, so you can be sure of the freshest and tastiest cake when ordering from your local Whole Foods.

There are many reasons to opt for a cake from here. Whole Food birthday cakes are great for the fact that they can be custom designed to your preferences. Furthermore, all-natural colourings are used and there are numerous decorations to choose from, so you can a personalised cake that is ideal for many special occasions beyond just birthdays!

Of course a big attraction for Whole Foods cakes is the fact you can get cakes that meet with dietary restrictions. Be it vegan or gluten free, there is a host of cakes from Whole Foods that are available that don’t lack in taste – it allows many people that cannot normally enjoy cake to do so!

Plus, Whole Foods custom cake comes with a number of options in terms of flavors, fillings, and frostings, making it simple to create the cake of your dreams!

There is also a fine selection of cakes to choose from should you see something to your liking, with classics such as strawberry shortcake, carrot cake, and German chocolate cake available.

Also, you can go for a different cake such as Whole Foods cupcakes!

Whole Foods Cake Flavors, Fillings and Frostings

Opting for a custom cake from Whole? Then there is no shortage of choice when it comes to flavors, fillings, and frostings:

Cake Flavors

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Carrot
  • Vegan Vanilla
  • Vegan Chocolate


  • Ganache
  • Raspberry Jam
  • Mango Mousse
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Raspberry Mousse
  • Whipped Cream
  • Lemon Curd
  • Pastry Cream
  • Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Cannoli Cream
  • Mocha Butter Cream
  • Chocolate Butter Cream
  • Vanilla Butter Cream
  • Cannoli Butter Cream
  • Lemon Butter Cream
  • Peanut Butter Butter Cream
  • Strawberry Butter Cream
  • Vegan Butter Cream
  • Vegan Ganache


  • Butter Cream
  • Whipped Cream
  • Ganache
  • Vegan Butter Cream
  • Vegan Ganache