With a fine selection and great prices, Wegmans cakes are always a great option for any celebration. The cakes found at Wegmans bakery also come in many varieties and can even be personalized to meet your needs, ensuring you get the perfect cake you need.

The cakes at Wegmans bakery vary in size and style, and prices are typically based around these. For example, mini cakes from Wegmans bakery are some of the cheapest available, costing between $9-$10. They come in some classic flavors too, including chocolate cake, white cake, and even carrot cake.

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Wegmans round and sheet cakes are more of a traditional cake that is used for a celebration such as a birthday or baby shower, mainly due to the fact they offer a good number of servings for any guests you could be entertaining.

Again, Wegmans cake prices are based around their size, so these are the costliest items available. With that being said, they are still very affordable and cheaper than many other bakeries – single and double layer round cakes only cost $12 and $17 respectively.

Similarly, sheet cakes are available in a few sizes. 1/8 sheet cakes cots just $10.99 and with six servings make a good option for small celebrations, whilst quarter and half sheets are better for larger gatherings.

A half sheet cake from Wegmans bakery only costs $21 and serves up to 18, while a half sheet can serve as many as 36 and will only cosy $32. So even their most expensive items are really affordable by industry standards, making Wegmans bakery a fine choice for buying a cake.

Why Wegmans Cakes?

Cakes from Wegmans bakery are a great idea for birthdays. They have plenty of design options and their round and sheet cakes come with a number of tasty choices too, including selecting icing, cake flavour and the filling.

Their celebration cakes come with either whipped cream or butter crème frosting, and you have the option of delectable flavors for the cake such as carrot cake, chocolate fudge, and classic white cake.

These can all be custom decorated (although an additional fee may be charged) or you can go for one of the pre-designed options – they have most celebrations and occasions covered.

Better still, there are other options beyond classic round or sheet cakes. Cupcake cakes and cookie cakes offer something a little different but no less delicious, ensuring Wegmans bakery offers lots choices for your cakey needs!

Cakes from Wegmans bakery can be ordered online, over the phone, or instore, and you can even get a photo cake too!

 Wegmans Cake Flavors

  • Carrot Cake
  • White Cake
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake


  • Butter Crème
  • Whipped