Tesco cakes are reasonably priced and are not lacking in great taste. Not only that, but there is a wide selection of cake types available at Tesco, so you can be sure of finding an affordable cake that suits the occasion you need it for.

Tesco cake prices are some of the best around, so you can be sure of finding amazing deals. Take their round cakes for example, starting at only £5, they can serve as many as eight people – talk about a bargain!

In fact, Tesco round cake prices are all very low, with larger sizes still offering great rates. A round cake that serves 14 costs only £8, while a round bunting cake will only set you back £9. Furthermore, specialty cakes (such as red velvet cakes) only cost £10 and can serve up to 14 people as well.

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For those that require a larger cake, look no further than Tesco’s special occasion cakes. These cakes are large and can serve as many as 36. These are available in 1.4kg, 2kg, and 2.7kg sizes, costing £16, £30, and £40 respectively, so they offer a great option for those looking for a bigger sized cake.

Why Tesco Cakes?

Tesco cakes are a fine choice for anyone looking for an affordable cake that isn’t lacking in flavor. Plus, there is a fantastic range of cakes available, allowing the chance to get the best cake for any occasion!

The fact that Tesco cakes are so reasonably priced is one of the big reasons to shop here. The round cakes cost £10 or under, and are ideally suited for most occasions. Tesco’s most impressive selection of cakes is probably for birthdays, as there are countless options that are great for people of all ages.

These come in the shape of special round cakes and the larger special occasion cakes. Numerous cake types are available, from chocolate to red velvet, and you can find many licensed characters as well traditional cake designs.

Additionally, Tesco’s gluten free cakes offer a fantastic option for people with allergies who normally can’t eat cake. These are a little costlier than most other Tesco cakes, but the fact they provide the opportunity for someone to enjoy cake who normally can’t is great!

Tesco Cake Flavors

Tesco bakery is home to a wide array of cake types, with numerous flavors, fillings, and icings to be found too. These include:

• Red Velvet Cake
• Madeira Sponge Cake
• White Chocolate Cake
• Fruit Cake
• Vanilla Cake
• Chocolate Cake