The cakes available at Sam’s Club are ideal for any occasion. Providing great control to the customer, you can expect to find a delectable cake for almost every occasion, and you get to select almost every aspect of it!

Better still, Sams Club cakes prices are amongst some of the best in the market, especially considering the quality of cake produced here. It is more than possible to find the perfect cake you need for around $20!

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Let’s take the round cakes available from Sams Club bakery for instance. They come in eight and ten-inch options, and you can get single or double layers, not to mention the chance to have them fully decorated too.

With prices starting at $13.99 and not exceeding $22.50, its clear just how great a deal you can get from Sam’s Club cake prices.

Even the larger sheet cakes from Sams Club bakery offer great value for money. A half sheet will only set you back $21.98 and can provide a whopping 36-48 servings! Considering it costs just $21.98, its clear just how fantastic Sams Club cake prices are!

Even the most expensive cakes found at Sams Club bakery offer fine value. For example, their 2-tier special occasion wedding cake only costs $32.98 and can produce up to 48 servings! It’s just another example of great Sam’s Club cake prices can get.

Why Sams Club Cakes?

There are many great reasons to head to Sams Club for a cake. While the affordability is certainly one of the big draws, not to mention how brilliant the cakes taste, perhaps the best aspects regarding Sams Club cakes is how much control you have over the cake.

From the moment you start your order you get handed the reins for the design of your cake from Sam’s Club. Size is the first thing you decide on, so you can go for a small round cake for quieter occasions or a bigger sheet cake or cupcake cake for when you need plenty of cake to go around!

Then it is a case of picking your cake flavour, which features all the classics, followed the icing. You can get whipped or but-r-crème, and there are several colors to choose from too – it’s all about letting you design the cake you need!

Finally, it comes down to selecting the decorations.

You can simply go for a plain design featuring some colored icing and a border, or you can go for some more extravagant. Typical cake decorations are available from flowers to balloons, and there is a fine selection of licenced characters available too, which are ideally suited for kids’ parties!

Sams Club cake designs are suitable for every occasion imaginable!

Need your Sams Club cake design for a certain holiday? There are countless pre-designs ready and waiting should you require something for a specific holiday celebration.

Sams Club Cake Flavors, Fillings and Icings

There is an incredible variety of cake flavors, fillings and icings at Sam’s Club bakery, and best of all you get to choose everyone to create the perfect cake. Here is what is available:

Cake Flavors

  • White
  • Chocolates
  • Marble


  • Strawberry
  • Parisienne Crème


  • Whipped Icing
  • But-R-Crème