The cakes found at Safeway bakery are well-worth trying out. They have something for every celebration imaginable, and better still, they offer exceptional value for money for anyone looking to save a few bucks – plus they don’t taste too bad either! Safeway cakes come in many variety and flavors which we will go over in the rest of the article.

As with many other bakeries, Safeway cakes prices are based around the size and style of the cake. For example, round cakes are the smallest in size but also happens to be the cheapest. An eight-inch round cake is available for just $7.99, and you can upgrade this to a double layer for only $17.99.

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Safeway sheet cakes are on the more expensive side of things, although they offer a much larger number of servings, so their additional cost makes plenty of sense. Furthermore, starting at only $19.99 for a quarter sheet, the prices aren’t even that bad!

A full sheet may seem costly at $55.99, but considering that it can serve dozens of people, the value for money speaks for itself!

The most expensive of Safeway cake prices are for wedding cakes. This is certainly understandable given the bigger size and more intricate decoration used, but costing only $89.99 (2 tiers) and $119.99 (3 tier), even these are well-priced.

Additionally, you will find other reasonably priced cakes such as the cupcake selections, which start at just $12.99 for 12. Novelty cakes are ideal for various celebrations and special occasions, and start at $30, so there is value to be found for most of Safeway’s cake prices!

Why Safeway Cakes?

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Safeway cakes is their affordability. You really can get a fantastic cake that tastes delicious for around $20 – heck, you can get a few decent selections for under that too!

Of course, the type of celebration you need the cake for will dictate how big you require it to be. For example, an eight-inch round cake might not be enough for a larger party, but a sheet cake can certainly do the trick.

Even half and quarter sheet cakes from Safeway offer enough cake to feed many hungry mouths. So whether is a kids birthday family or you are celebrating a holiday with the family, the cakes from Safeway’s bakery are well-worth investing in.

Furthermore, there is a great range of cakes at Safeway, so you can find one for pretty much any occasion. Not only that, but you can also choose from your favourite flavors and fillings to really get the cake you want, all with the added bonus of it not breaking the bank.

Let’s not forget how delicious Safeway cakes taste too!

Safeway Cake Flavors

There is no shortage of great flavors of cakes at Safeway’s bakery, so it shouldn’t prove difficult to find one to your liking.

Here’s a selection of Safeway’s cake flavors:

  • Red Velvet
  • Lemon Crème
  • German Chocolate
  • Midnight Chocolate
  • Carrot Cake
  • White Cake with White Icing
  • Cake Candy with Fruit Layer