Morrisons cakes are as affordable as they are plentiful. The choices are limitless for those looking for a cake at their local Morrisons, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find the perfect cake for any occasion.

Round cakes are small enough to cover most parties and are some of the cheapest cakes you can find. Morrisons round cakes are available in both double and single layers, with each one measuring eight inches.

A single layer only costs £6.99 while a double layer will set you back £14.49. This is just one of the many examples of how affordable Morrisons cakes can be!

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For those needing something lager, then Morrisons sheet cakes should do the trick. These are available in four main sizes – one eight of a sheet, a quarter sheet, half sheet, and full sheet.

Prices are based around the size, with the smallest just costing £12 and the largest being £42. The larger sizes feature many more servings however, so the price is certainly a fair reflection of this.

Cupcakes, tarts, cheesecake slices and ring cakes represent just a few of the other cake variations available at Morrisons. Ring cakes, tarts and cheesecake slices are some of the cheapest priced cakes in Morrisons, costing only a few pounds each.

Morrisons cupcakes cost a little more, with 12 and 24 packs available for £24.99 and £39.99 respectively. However, looking at the number of cupcakes that are included in this then it becomes another well-priced cake from Morrisons!

Why Morrisons Bakery Cakes?

Morrisons cakes are great for most occasions, and their prices are more than affordable.

With such a wide variety to their styles and flavors, Morrisons celebration cakes work for almost every occasion you can think of. They make a great option for anyone looking for well-priced cake for their party!

Of course on the best selections here are Morrisons birthday cakes. There are so many characters and themes to choose form that it shouldn’t be too hard to find the ideal birthday for people of all ages.

With that being said, there are plenty of cakes that are ideal for just an everyday treat. After all, who said it had to be a special occasion to enjoy some delicious cake? For those inclined, Morrisons cupcakes, cheesecake slices, tarts and many other cakes are fantastic.

Not only do they taste great, but they are affordable too! Tasty and affordable cakes? Sounds great to us!

Types of Cakes Available at Morrisons

There are countless varieties of cakes on sale at Morrisons. Here are some of the most popular!

  • Sheet Cakes
  • Round Cakes
  • Cream Cakes
  • Cheesecakes
  • Ring Cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Tarts

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