Kroger bakery cakes are affordable and tasty, making them well-worth buying! Kroger cake prices are some of the best on the market, as there are not many places that have cheaper prices than here!

So if you are looking for a cake for a particular occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries, Kroger is certainly a viable option.

For the most part, Kroger cake prices are based around the size and type of the cake you buy. As you would expect, smaller cakes are more affordable whilst larger ones will cost that bit extra. With that being said, Kroger’s larger cakes still offer great value for money because they have a good price whilst offering plenty of servings!

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Eight inch round cakes from Kroger bakery are the cheapest available starting at just $9.99. Both single and double layers are available, with the later costing $15.99. As these serve between 6 and 12, you can still feed a fair few mouths!

Kroger sheet cakes are a little costlier but you do get more cake, so it really works out well in that regard. Better still, smaller sheet cake sizes such as the quarter sheet costs just $21.99, so these can still be affordable too!

Full and half sheets are in the higher price-range for Kroger cakes, but the fact they serve between 25 and 60 people makes the price seem even better! Additionally, you can find other cake variations such as filled cakes and cupcakes.

Why Kroger Bakery Cakes?

Kroger cakes have some great selling points, including their affordability and they can easily be customized.

For example, when selecting any round or sheet cake, you get to choose from a number of flavours and icings to get exactly the type you need. Heading to Kroger’s for a birthday cake? Then there are ample choices at your disposal to get the perfect cake.

Be it for a child’s cake or an adult, Kroger birthday cakes are all about creating a personalised cake that tastes delicious! For kids, there are a number of licenced characters including comic book heroes, Disney characters, and all manner of famous cartoon and animated characters a young person will love.

Maybe you need an affordable wedding cake from Kroger bakery? Or perhaps you need something for a baby shower? Kroger’s cakes can be customized to suit any type of occasion whilst still being very cost effective.

Kroger have cake designs for most of your popular celebrations and holidays, including birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers, and more!

Kroger Cake Flavors and Icings

As we touched on, Kroger cakes are all about handing control to you. You can choose the flavour and icing of your cake from a number of options. Here’s some that are available:


  • White
  • Carrot
  • Chocolate
  • Marble
  • Red Velvet


  • White Simple Satin
  • Chocolate Simple Satin
  • Vanilla Whipped Satin
  • Chocolate Whipped Satin
  • Cream Cheese Satin
  • Chocolate Fudge Icing
  • German Chocolate Icing

You can order a Kroger Cake on their Official website by  Clicking Here