You have a birthday coming up for your child, but after looking at your schedule, you see there is no time to make a cake yourself. You do have time to order one; but where? Then you remember something from another birthday party you attended: Hyvee makes cakes. You remember the cake was fantastic, looked amazing and people were raving about how delicious Hyvee cakes are. Problem solved. You can make a run to your local Hyvee and order a special cake for that special someone in your life.

Hyvee has some of the best cakes out there at a reasonable price. Hyvee cakes are moist, delicious, personalized and beautiful. What's even better about Hyvee cakes is that there are cakes already made, so if you forgot to order one for your event--or got invited to something last minute--you can always go to Hyvee and pick up a cake. You can even ask them to add something right there to personalize it for your event. The company takes great pride in their cakes, from the baking process to the decorating. They take their time, making sure everything is just right for your special occasion.

What Are HyVee Cakes?

Hyvee cakes are as delicious as they are beautiful. They have cakes already made that you can buy the day of your event. or you can have cakes that are made to order for any of your special occasions. Hyvee cakes are sheet cakes baked in-house by helpful and capable associates and professionally decorated by them to your specifications; whether it is to wish someone special a happy birthday, an anniversary, celebrate someone's retirement, recognize a baptism, or whatever your special occasion may call for.

Categories of Hyvee Cakes

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Birthday Cakes

  • Quarter Sheet (Serves 16 to 24 people)
  • Half sheet (Serves 32 to 48 people)
  • Full Sheet (Serves 64 to 96 people)

Character and Themed Cakes

  • Quarter Sheet (Serves 16 to 24 people)
  • Half sheet (Serves 32 to 48 people)
  • Full Sheet (Serves 64 to 96 people)

Floral cakes

  • Quarter Sheet (Serves 16 to 24 people)
  • Half sheet (Serves 32 to 48 people)
  • Full Sheet (Serves 64 to 96 people)
  • 5-inch double layer round cake
  • 7-inch double layer round cake

Wedding Cakes

  • Priced per serving for larger cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Cheesecakes

Birthday and Floral Cakes

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There are many types of cakes to choose from; there is truly something for everyone. If you are getting a big enough cake and cannot choose between a couple of your favorite flavors you can just ask for a cake that is half of one flavor and half of the other. You can also do that with the cupcakes. You can choose to have the cake decorated however you wish. You can get characters, choose a color theme, decorate with animals or balloons: whatever your heart desires and the occasion calls for.

Cake Flavors

You have a choice between several options for cake flavors. Many of them are your common cake flavors, but there are a few that are a little more special, which is something the company is proud of. There are plenty of choices for your special occasion.

three layer chocolate cake

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  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Marble (vanilla and chocolate, made to  look marbled)
  • Red Velvet
  • Yellow
  • Strawberry
  • Carrot
  • Lemon

Frosting Choices

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After you choose what type of birthday cake you would like, the next step is choosing the frosting. Hyvee cakes don't disappoint when it comes to choices of frosting, either. Where most places offer only a couple different types of frosting, Hyvees offers several choices of frosting to choose from. Combine them with your cake flavor choice in whatever way you would like.

  • Vanilla Buttercreme 
  • Whipped Vanilla
  • Chocolate Buttercreme
  • Whipped Chocolate
  • Cream Cheese
  • Double Dutch Chocolate

Character and Themed Cakes

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Character and themed cakes come with the same flavor choices to choose from as birthday cakes, but there are only two choices for frosting: Whipped Vanilla and Buttercreme Vanilla. This is to help the company make sure they can render the characters and themes in exactly the color and style you want. These types of cakes are best done with white frosting. Some of the currently available themes and characters for Hyvee cakes include:





Black Panther


Monster High


Confetti Donut


Disney Princesses

Finding Nemo/Dory



My Little Pony

Power Rangers

Paw Patrol

Hello Kitty

Sesame Street


Mickey Mouse



Round Cakes

bakery birthday blur cake

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If you need a cake but want something smaller than a sheet cake, you can choose between the 5-inch and 7-inch round cake. The round cakes are double layered and you can personalize the cakes and have a color theme for them as well. There are only two choices in round cake flavor, white and chocolate, but all the same frosting choices are available as with the birthday and floral cakes.

Wedding Cakes

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Hyvee cakes make any celebration beautiful, but Hyvee's wedding cakes are elegant and can compete with any bakery in taste and decoration, while beating them out in terms of price any day of the week. Weddings can be a very expensive venture, so why not save where you can? These cakes taste great, look great, and are easy on the pocketbook. You won't be sorry you chose Hyvee for one of the biggest days of your life.


white cheesecake on wooden surface

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All the bakery's cheesecakes are from The Cheesecake Factory. There are a number of fabulous choices. You can order a slice of cheesecake or a whole cheesecake to take home. The cheesecakes currently available are:

  • White Chocolate Raspberry
  • All American
  • Plain
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Original
  • Grand Selections

Hyvee offers cheesecakes in single slices, 6-inch round, and 10-inch round cakes.

Is There a Need for Hyvee Cakes?

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People in America love to celebrate everything, whether it is a birthday, a wedding, a football party, a child getting a good SAT score or getting into a college, or just your average day. People find a reason to celebrate and want a cake to do that with; especially a beautifully decorated cake. Most people aren't artistic enough to decorate a cake themselves and make it look presentable, let alone edible. People also don't have the time to make cakes anymore either. Between work and kids in school and their extra-curricular activities, people don't have the time to bake a cake, let alone decorate it.

Hyvee can compete with the best of the best when it comes to any of their cakes, and that includes wedding cakes. Weddings require a cake made to serve many people at one time as well as be beautifully decorated and elegant. The trend in wedding cakes is for them to be bigger and more extravagant with every passing year, and Hyvee can make a wedding cake just as beautiful as any other bakery. When your special day comes, there's no reason not to consider Hyvee. They offer taste tests to make sure you get just the right cake to complement your beautiful wedding day.

How to Pick and Order Hyvee Cakes

In order to pick which cake you want, you go to the website, pick your cake type and frosting, choose what size cake you would like (if ordering a birthday or floral cake), and then select the personalized message you want on the cake and add it to the cart. You can also order your cake at the bakery with one of the helpful associates, or you can phone in your order. If you are in the market for a wedding cake, you will have to meet with the associates to order.

When you are ready to pick up your cake, you will just head to the bakery counter and tell them you are there to pick up your cake. If you haven't paid prior to picking up your cake, take it to the register and pay. Then go home and enjoy your celebration and the delicious cake. 


One of the many great things about Hyvee cakes, and what makes them one of the best places to order a cake, is the variety of cake flavors and frostings available. You can mix and match cake flavors and frosting, meaning there's an endless array of possibilities, each one as delicious as the next. You won't be disappointed with your choice in Hyvee cakes. They take pride in their work, just as you take pride in your celebrations. 

At Hyvee, they want to offer you choices of cake and frosting at a price that don't break the bank. They strive to give quality at affordable prices. So when you have an event or celebration that requires a cake that you want beautifully decorated, personalized for your occasion and just as delicious, look no further than Hyvee for all your cake decorating needs. They would love to make the cake for your next event.