Giant Eagle cake selection is fantastic. They have an incredible range of delicious cakes, so it is easy to find one to suit the occasion, be it a birthday, graduation, wedding, or you just fancy a nice big cake to enjoy!

Moreover, the Giant Eagle cake prices are more than affordable! The prices for the majority of their cakes are priced between $20 and $30, so it is clear that there are many bargains to be had when buying your cake from Giant!

Cakes available from Giant Eagle bakery are typical of most others – they come in round, sheet and cupcake varieties. That means whether you need a larger cake for a big gathering or something smaller for a more intimate occasion, you can find something to your liking.

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Prices for these cakes from Giant Eagle are simple to follow, with round cakes and cupcakes amongst the cheapest. For example, you can get an 8” round cake for just $19.99 or a 12 count of cupcakes for the same price!

Sheet cakes are understandably more expensive, mostly due to the fact they are much larger! Even so, the prices for Giant Eagle sheet cakes remain modest. For example, a quarter sheet is available for only $19.99, and while the $49.99 price for a full sheet may seem excessive, it is actually a really good rate for such a large cake – not many places offer full sheets for these prices!

Why Giant Eagle Cakes?

So what exactly makes Giant Eagle cakes worth your money? Well, the selection of cake designs and themes are amongst the best on the market, meaning you can expect to find a cake for pretty much any occasion?

Take Giant Eagle birthday cakes for instance. These are available in pretty much any style you can imagine, with custom designs, licenced properties, and specialty flavours all available. This makes it so much easier to find the perfect cake someone birthday!

For example, you could get a decadent ice cream cake for a unique birthday cake from Giant Eagle, or you could simply opt for a custom design on traditional round or sheet cake.

No matter the cake design, you can choose whatever flavour, fillings and icing that you want, as well as selecting a custom message. If you see something you like from the ready-made selection, then you can easily order that too!

There more than just birthday cakes at Giant Eagle bakery of course. Wedding cakes and graduation cakes are just a few examples of special occasion cakes, whilst specialty cakes like pudding cakes or cupcake cakes make for an awesome treat any time of the year!

The Giant Eagle Bakery also has an amazing range of cupcakes. So you could go for a cool cupcake cake or a batch of traditional cupcakes, whatever you like Giant Eagle has you covered!

Giant Eagle Cake Types

Decorated Cakes

  • Birthday Cakes
  • Wedding and Stacked Cakes
  • Graduation Cakes
  • Licensed Cakes
  • Cheesecake
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Message Cookie Cake

Specialty Cakes

  • Tortes
  • Petite Cakes
  • Pudding Cakes
  • Cupcake Cakes

You Can Order a Giant Eagle Cake on their Official Website by Clicking Here