Food Lion cakes are beautiful to look at and even better to taste! They offer upscale style cakes but with an affordable price tag, making them a brilliant option for many special occasion!

The cakes made by Food Lion are made using quality ingredients, which helps to provide a fantastic style and taste. Despite this, they remain some of the best priced cakes on the market, and with such a wide selection of themes, styles and designs, they are perfect for all manner of celebrations.

Food Lion cakes selection are available in three types – round cakes, sheet cakes, and cupcakes. Pricing is based around these types, with round cakes being the cheapest, costing between $7.99 and $9.99.

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Food Lion’s sheet cakes are costlier, although they do offer the largest cakes so you will get more servings with this option. Various sizes are available to suit your needs, with 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and full sheets all available.

Prices for these start at as low $9.99 for the smallest size, whilst a full sheet will cost $46.99. This may appear to rather expensive, but considering the size and number of servings you get with this, it is actually a reasonable price to pay!

Cupcakes from Food Lion are available in batches of 12 or 14, costing $17 and $24.99 respectively. These offer something a little different from your traditional cakes but are still very well-priced so you can’t go wrong really!

Why Food Lion Cakes?

Food Lion cakes have a great look and taste to them. The cakes resemble something that you would expect to find in an upmarket gourmet bakery rather than an affordable grocery store!

You can get a fun design for example, which offers a wide range of icing decorations such as bows, dots and stripes, as well as festive toppers and other designs. These provide both traditional and modern cake designs, and work well for most occasions.

Tasteful designs are more about creating that perfect looking cake. Of course they remain as delicious as ever, but the use of vibrant pastel colors, floral designs, and dual borders offer something truly stylish. These Food Lion cakes will look magnificent at any special event.

Food Lions theme cakes are brilliant for kids and special occasions. You can pick themes that are ideal for younger children, as well as other themes that are suitlable for adults too. For example, there are princess themed cakes that are great for a girls or you could get a sports themed cake for any sport-lovers birthday.

Likewise, seasonal and holiday themed cakes are available too, they really do have everything covered!

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