Nothing can wash down a delicious donut from Dunkin Donuts quite like a cup of coffee. Dunkin Donuts seems aware of this, as they have a seriously impressive selection of both hot and cold coffee beverages! Better still, they also have many other hot and cold beverages, from hot chocolate to ice tea, all of which are all very affordable!

Coffee prices at Dunkin Donuts offer great value for money. For instance, you can grab a cup of coffee for under $2! There are many coffee drinks available at Dunkin Donuts as well, so there is ample choice when it comes to getting your ideal coffee.

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Dunkin Donuts coffee prices are based on both the type of coffee and the size purchased. Prices remain similar for most sizes, increasingly slightly depending on the type of coffee. For example, a small iced coffee is $1.99, while a small cold brew is $2.50. A small latte is available for $2.79 whereas a small iced macchiatto is $3.99. So while there can be price increase for Dunkin Donuts coffee, they are only ever by a dollar or so.

Additionally, increasing the size of the coffee won’t result in much of an increase. For the most part, there is only about a dollar’s difference between the smallest and largest sizes of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

For example, a small latte is $2.79 while the large is $3.99. Mediums decrease this further, being available for only $3.59. This shows that differences in prices between sizes remain minimal.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Menu

Dunkin Donut coffee menu is rather expansive, with various coffee beverages available. Furthermore, you can also grab other types of beverages, both hot and cold, such as hot chocolate and tea.

You will find most popular types of coffee at Dunkin Donuts, including the following:

  • Regular Coffee
  • Iced Coffee
  • Cold Brew
  • Latte

Better still, you can also add a syrup or swirl flavouring to your coffee. This adds even more sweetness and flavour to the already delicious coffee. You can add a shot and/or swirl of the following flavours to your Dunkin Donuts Coffee:

  • French Vanilla
  • Hazelnut
  • Caramel
  • Toasted Almond
  • Coconut
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry

Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate

Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate is seriously tasty too. What makes is so uniquely delicious is the fact that it is an Oreo floured hot chocolate! That’s right, a hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts is made from a rich Oreo flavouring that is blended perfectly with hot milk to create a rich treat indeed!

Dunkin Donuts Specialty Drinks

Dunkin Donuts coffee menu features a few unique offerings too. From the layered hot macchiato to the cold and creamy frozen Coolatta, there are some notable drinks here that you won’t find anywhere else!

Some are nice and warm, others a cold and creamy delights. Be sure to try these out – we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Specialty drinks include:

  • Frozen Coolatta (flavors include coffee, mocha, and caramel)
  • Hot Macchiato
  • Iced Macchiato
  • Iced Latte
  • Hot-Chocolate Frozen