Despite being held in high regard for their fast food and dessert menus, there is one aspect of Dairy Queen that often gets overlooked – smoothies and fresh juices. Dairy Queen smoothies are certainly worth trying out, whether as a beverage to wash down your food with or as a nice treat on its own. Not only that, but their Julius juice selection makes for a fine alternative for a refreshing beverage, so there is plenty of fruit-flavored beverages available at Dairy Queen!

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Dairy Queen Smoothie Prices

The prices for Dairy Queen smoothies is actually very reasonable, being much cheaper than most other juice or smoothie bars. The same can be said for their Julius juice selection too, with both beverages being available for under $5.

Dairy Queen smoothies come in three different sizes. Smalls are the cheapest at $3.39, although a medium isn’t much dearer, with this size costing just $3.89. Similarly, it isn’t much more to go up a size for a large, with a price of $4.29 available.

Julius Originals come in the exact same size format. Not only that, but the pricing is virtually identical for each size of beverage, with one minor difference.

Unlike Julius Originals, Dairy Queen’s smoothies come with option of adding a fresh banana, which can provide a nice extra thickness to your drink for just 79 cents!

Dairy Queen Smoothie Flavors

Dairy Queen’s premium smoothies are currently available in three delectable flavors. Each one combines various fresh fruits with a heavenly low fat yogurt to create a healthy beverage like no other.

Dairy Queen smoothie flavors include:

  • Mango Pineapple – Fresh mango and pineapple blended with low fat yogurt and ice (add fresh banana for 79 cents)
  • Strawberry – Fresh strawberries blended with low fat yogurt and ice (add fresh banana for 79 cents)
  • Strawberry – Fresh strawberries and bananas blended with low fat yogurt and ice

Julius Original Flavors

An alternative fresh juice to Dairy Queen smoothies, Julius Originals are a refreshing, frothy fruit beverage. They combine fresh juice, sweeteners, and ice along with a well-guarded mystery ingredient that offers a unique taste.

Dairy Julius Originals flavors include:

  • Orange
  • Mango Pineapple
  • Strawberry

Other Beverages

Not feeling a Dairy Queen smoothie or Julius original? Then don’t worry, there is a wide range of conventional beverages available at Dairy Queen, including sodas, milkshakes, or a special Artic Rush. The latter of these is simply a tasty slushy drink that is available in a number of flavors!