Cold Stone cakes combine two amazing ingredients in the shape of cake and ice cream – as if cake wasn’t good enough on its own!

So it is understandable why Cold Stone cakes have gained such a high reputation, as the quality of their ice cream cakes is well known to anyone that has tried it out! Better still, Cold Stone’s cake prices are very reasonable, so you can enjoy quality cake without paying over the odds!

Cold Stone cakes prices are based around the size and type of cake that you buy. Signature cakes and custom cakes are towards the lower to mid-price range, whilst their ice cream cupcakes and sandwiches are even cheaper, so there are plenty of bargains to be had!

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Cold Stone’s signature cakes cost between $26.99 to $55.99, and there are small and large sizes as well both round and circular shapes. Servings can range anywhere from 8 to 25, so even when you are paying a little higher for a cake, you know it is going to feed plenty of mouths!

Similarly, Cold Stone’s custom cakes cost between $30.00 to $65.99, with the same sizes available. They cost a little more than signature cakes, but you are getting a customized cake exactly the way you want it!

In contrast to these larger cakes, Cold Stone’s ice cream cupcakes and sandwiches are much cheaper although they are somewhat smaller in size! So they may not be ideal for larger parties or events, but you saving quite a bit in comparison so it all depends on your own needs.

These are available in various packs, including 6 and 4 packs, and you can also enjoy a quart of pre-packed ice cream. Prices for these are great, starting at $10.99 and not exceeding $14.99, showcasing just how good Stone Cold cake prices can get!

 Why Cold Stone Cakes?

So what exactly makes Cold Stone cakes worth buying? Well, the combo of decadent cake with rich, creamy ice cream is certainly appealing to most!

A great aspect about Cold Stone Cakes, besides their great prices, are the fact you have so many amazing choices. They have their own unique ice cream twist on classic cakes, such as the Midnight Delight, which is a chocolate fudge cake with the addition of chocolate ice cream – sounds good indeed!

There are many other types like this, with flavours including cookie dough, cookies and cream, and strawberry passion.

Should you want something unique that isn’t offered here, you can get a custom cake from Cold Stone, which is one their big selling point for many. They offer and incredible selection of flavours (some of which are regional, so you might have an exclusive flavour in your area!).

Beyond this, Cold Stone cake selection is still fantastic, as they offer many specialties you will struggle to find elsewhere. Ice cream cupcakes and ice cream cookie sandwiches are just a few examples of the amazing ice cream cakes and treats that are available here!

As you might expect, there are cakes for most occasions, including birthdays and celebrations, and the kids range of cakes are notably impressive. The fact you can easily get a custom cake with a personalized message makes it that bit easier to find the right cake!

You can Order A Cold Stone Cake on their Official website by  Clicking here.