Chick fil A are well known for their tasty friend chicken selection, but they also offer a nice range of desserts for those of us with a sweet tooth!

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While they may not have the biggest selection, Chick fil A ice cream prices more than make up for it as they are some of the cheapest desserts in fast food! So next time you have wolfed down your favorite chicken sandwich at Chick fil A you can finish it off with a lovely dessert that costs next to nothing!

For example, you can enjoy a Chick fil A Icedream, which is just a traditional ice cream cone, for just $1.29! This is for a small Ice cream from Chick fil A, should you want a large sized cone then it won’t cost much more at $1.49!

Furthermore, prices for iced beverages such as the Frosted Coffee remain just as affordable. In fact, they are actually the exact same prices as they are for a Chick-fil-A Icedream, showcasing just how great the prices are here!

Chick fil A Dessert Menu

Chick fil A ice cream isn’t the only dessert you can enjoy at your local restaurant. Not only are there ice cream cones, but you can enjoy iced beverages including shakes and coffees, along with some delicious cookies.

Chick fil A Ice Cream

Chick fil A ice cream comes in the shape of their Icedream cone. Available in either a small or large, it features rich, creamy vanilla ice cream and you can also add chocolate or strawberry toppings for some extra sweetness!

Chick fil A Frosted Coffee and Lemonade

What better way to enjoy Chick fil A  Ice cream than with a tasty beverage? There are currently two frosted beverages available, the first of which is their Frosted Coffee.

Combining the amazing vanilla Icedream with a customs blend of cold brewed coffee, the Frosted Coffee from Chick fil A is available for a limited time only!

Much like this, but with a sweeter twist, is the Frosted Lemonade. Featuring freshly squeezed lemonade (available in diet too) and the same delecatable vanilla ice cream, Frosted Lemonade from Chick-fil-A offers a unique yet wonderful tasting beverage that won’t disappoint.

Chick fil A Milkshakes

Chick fil A milkshake range features the classic flavors you could hope for, all of which are made with that wonderful soft serve Icedream. Each one is hand spun with the ice cream before being topped with whipped cream and the all-important cherry.

Flavors of shake include

  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies and Cream