Carvel Cakes are about as delicious as their ice cream – maybe because their cakes are packed with the stuff!

Not only that, but Carvel’s cake selection is certainly impressive, with various flavours, sizes, fillings, and styles available. You really cannot go wrong with a Carvel cake no matter the occasion, they have something to suit all tastes!

Of course one of the most important things to consider is the pricing, so it is great to know that Carvel cake prices are certainly affordable and offer great value for money. Plus, the fact they have such a fine choice of cakes makes it that bit better, because you can get exactly the type of cake for any occasion you need and it won’t break the bank!

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Carvel cake prices are simple enough to remember. Prices are based on the style of cake (round, sheet, or square) the size (small, medium and large) and any additional specialty fillings you want.

For example, one of the cheapest options available is the small square cake. It serves 4 to 6 people and costs just $13.99, which is a very reasonable price indeed! And if you want to add a filling to this, it would only cost $3!

One of the costlier cakes is the large sheet option. While the price of $52.99 may seem on the expensive side, this cake serves 28 to 30 people so you are certainly getting your money’s worth with this option!

The average Carvel cake prices are around the $30 mark, although there are certainly cheaper options if you require something on the lower end of the scale.

Why Carvel Cakes?

So what makes Carvel’s cakes worth the investment?

Well for one, they are some of the best tasting you can find! And considering their prices are in the lower to mid-range, you really are getting some quality cake for a very reasonable price.

But let’s get to main attraction here. Carvel offers ice cream cakes. That’s right, their cakes combine two of the best treats in the world – ice cream and cake! Not many other bakeries and cake providers can offer such an extensive range of ice cream cakes like Carvel can.

Moreover, there is simply a brilliant selection of cakes on offer at Carvel. They have many fun designs for their holiday themed cakes, from their bunny cake for Easter to their Valentine’s Day heart cakes.

Carvel’s 3D cakes are awesome too, with some really great designs to them, including race cars, a massive cupcake, butterflies and even an ice cream cone cake!

You can also order with ease as there are online orders available too. That means you can browse Carvel cakes from the comfort of your home, place an order and then go and collect it once its ready. Everything is made fresh in-store, so you know it will taste phenomenal!

They even do their very own Carvelog Cakes, which are unique log cakes that come in a number of flavors and won’t be found anywhere else.

 Types of Carvel Bakery Cakes

Carvel’s range of cakes are great. You can find all sorts of flavors, designs, and fillings, so whether you are a chocaholic or want some ice cream with your cake, Carvel will have something for you!

Cakes come in many shapes and sizes, with different fillings, icings and flavors of ice cream available.

Here’s just a few examples of the amazing cakes available at Carvel:

  • Oreo Cake – crushed Oreo cookies, vanilla ice cream, fudge, and frosting
  • Fudgie the Whale Cake – chocolate crunchies, topped with milk fudge, vanilla crunchies and whipped frosting
  • Cookie Puss Cake – layers of fresh ice cream, chocolate crunchies, ice cream scoop and cone, two chocolate chip cookies, white whipped frosting, milk fudge and shredded coconut.
  • Deluxe Sundae Dinner Cake – ice cream layer and crunchies with either milk chocolate fudge and marshmallow or strawberry toppings

You Can Order a Carvel Cake Online on their official website by Clicking Here.