Ever had that craving for something sweet and tasty? Maybe it’s a big bowl of ice cream or a thick, creamy milkshake. Perhaps you are seriously pining for a slice of moist cake or need to arrange a super special birthday cake?

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What You Can Find

We have gathered as much information about desserts and other sweet treats from all the best eateries out there and put it all in one handy place.

Here you will find lists of incredible flavors, pricing options, as well as lots of other useful information regarding your favorite desserts!

Whether you are looking for the best prices for ice cream sundaes or want to know who makes the best milkshake, we have got you covered.


Nothing can quite beat the taste of a big slice of cake. Cakes are ideal for any type of celebration, from birthdays to graduation, not to mention the various holidays throughout the year!

Here at Dessert Menus, we have collected a comprehensive list of cake prices, flavours and other info regarding your favourite bakeries.

Whether you want to compare prices for wedding cakes or are looking for the best place for a custom cake, you can find the information right here.

Ice Cream

There is nothing quite like ice cream. Universally loved, the is just something magical about wolfing down your favorite ice cream.

We have collected various ice cream prices, products, and flavors all in one handy place. So the next time you have a craving for a sundae, cone, or something entirely different, you can head over to our ice cream section for all the information you will need.

Find out what new ice cream flavors are available, where the cheapest ice cream is, who does the best soft serve any anything else ice cream-related!

Shakes, Smoothies and Other Beverages

Looking to quench your thirst with something special? Then we have plenty of great suggestions, having collected information regarding the best shakes, smoothies and other frozen beverages that will bring a smile to your face.

Lists include milkshake and smoothie prices, product descriptions, information on new release and much more!

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Prices for cakes, ice cream, shakes and other beverages can be easily found for all of the top eateries out there. Organizing a party or event? Then compare prices for any dessert products you need for it in one handy location!

Additioinally, you can find product descriptions and reviews, information about any upcoming products.

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